Custom Printed Bags For One Of Our Amazing Clients

Custom Printed Bags For One Of Our Amazing Clients

~Your Bag Supplier on Apr 18th 2019

Custom Printed Bags With In The Bag Company 

In The Bag Company has recently partnered with THE CURA.TE WAY an amazing company that "was founded on the belief that we must take care of ourselves in order to also love and care for others". Not only are their products organic and vegan but they make their products to promote a healthier lifestyle. 


Their products contain the highest quality and organic ingredients that are cruelty free, vegan or “bee-gan” (some products use honey or beeswax) and gluten free.

Our team at In The Bag Company was fortunate to receive a gift box from Jenny, the owner of the company and not only was it an amazing supersize and gesture but the products are wonderful.  

"The soaps are beautiful and full of natural goodness that you can feel and see" and "the bath-bombs are hands down the most luxurious bath-bombs that any of us have ever used." 

We love all of our clients but the feels we have received form Cura.Te are amazing. You should take a look at their website and try their product for yourself! 

At In The Bag Company we work closely with partners to help them achieve the bags they are looking for. We customize our bags with the image, logo, or wording that each client is looking for so that products stand out. We value our customers which is why our custom printed bags not only represent our clients work but In The Bag Company's as well. 

In The Bag Company Way

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