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Cotton Muslin Drawstring Bags.

Printed Burlap Bags

Printed Burlap Bags

~In The Bag Company on Apr 7th 2022

If you are looking for an affordable, durable natural bag solution, burlap might be just what you need. Burlap is an eco-friendly natural fiber that comes from jute. In the hierarchy of fabrics worldwide, jute falls right below cotton. It is abundant and easy to grow and harvest. Just is more sustainable than cotton as it requires less water, maintenance, pesticides, and fertilizer to grow. In addition, jute fibers are naturally stronger than cotton. Burlap bags made from jute will naturally decompose back in the earth, making them even more attractive in today’s world. 

Burlap Bags from In The Bag Company

Natural burlap drawstring bags from In The Bag Company are the perfect pairing for natural or homemade products. They send a message that the product or products inside have the same standards – earth-friendly, sustainable, and not mass-produced. Printed burlap bags send this message while instantly providing brand recognition. Customers can easily find the brand they want out of the sea of products available to them. In The Bag Company makes ordering custom printed bags easy and affordable. Simply providing your artwork/slogan/logo/ingredient list or whatever you want to be printed is all that is needed. Fill out the Request a Printing Quote Form and keep these important notes in mind… 

  • Once the order has been placed, please allow no less than six weeks for processing, printing, and shipping. 
  • A digital mock-up is provided for all orders once the order is processed. 
  • If a pre-production sample is required, the customer will pay for the setup fee and shipping charges and expect up to an extra week added to the time frame. 
  • Special orders and rush orders should be requested at, and additional fees may apply. 
  • Our bags are made from hand-cut natural fiber material that is not treated with chemicals. Colors may vary due to the natural range of colors and lack of treatment. 
  • Printing may absorb differently on non-treated fabric and can vary. 

Total Custom Burlap Bags 

In addition to printing on In The Bag Company in-stock burlap bags, customers can fully customize their bags. Need a different size? Want the drawstring color to match the printed logo color? Need multiple colors? No matter what your design needs, In The Bag Company can help. Call (913) 257-3050 to discuss your specific needs and receive a quote. Thanks for choosing us!

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