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Cotton Muslin Drawstring Bags.

​Product Shipping Bags

​Product Shipping Bags

~In The Bag Company on Jul 23rd 2022

Online shipping accounts for approximately 20% of all retail sales. You certainly can't beat the convenience. Since the pandemic, even more, online shopping has been the norm, and there's no sign of it slowing down. When selling products, online shipping is a critical component. The way a package looks when delivered makes the first impression, and you only get one shot at that. Cheap packaging does not reflect well. 

Package it to Impress 

In The Bag Company, drawstring bags in cotton, burlap or mesh are the perfect durable, affordable and quality solution for product packaging. They provide protection from scratches and knicks caused during shipping. The thick fabric provides cushioning to protect the surface of your product. Plain or custom-printed drawstring bags provide an instant quality first impression. Natural fiber cotton and burlap have a smooth feel. The quality of the stitching, as well as the printed logo, are unmistakable. Customers are sure to be impressed. 

Add a Logo for Brand Recognition 

When building a brand image, it's essential to be consistent. Adding your logo to your In The Bag Company bags and using them for product packaging provides a consistent marketing look. Your customers will begin to associate your brand with quality products. They can use and reuse these product bags for other needs, getting your logo in front of them more often. Learn more about In The Bag Company printed bags and then submit a request for a quote, or simply call our office for quick answers and simple ordering at (913) 257-3050.

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